Donya Luana
Donya Luana, photo editor & her Family

About me

My name is Donya (pronounced dahn-yah).

Most days you can find me tucked away in my office, using my hands to craft, create, or edit beautiful images.  

I work with amazing wedding photographers who are yearning for more time to work *on* their business than *in* it.  I serve them with the gift of time as I take the photo editing off their plates. 

When I'm not giving all the heart eyes to gorgeous wedding images, you can catch me traveling with my two boys and adventurous husband.  Hiking is our favorite & I'm dying to get back to Glacier National Park someday!  

Back at our country home, I love to craft new decor for my home, sip wine on the patio, & attempt to keep a few house plants alive.  


five more things

you might not know about me...

  1. I have a degree in Meteorology.  From the time I was seven, it was my dream to study weather.  After having children, the odd work hours as a meteorologist got to me and I wanted the flexibility of working from home. But my love of weather will never die.
  2. I do handstands daily.  As a shy kindergartner, my mom urged me to pick an activity and gymnastics was it.  I was never amazing, but I don't think a day has gone by that I haven't practiced a handstand or cartwheel since.  These days I enjoy yoga and bootcamp workouts my with my JenFit group. 
  3. My wedding dress was only $100.  And it was actually a bridesmaid dress from J. Crew.  I loooooove staring at beautiful weddings all day, but for my own, we went super simple and low-key. 
  4. I've lived at 13 different addresses in my lifetime and in three different states: Arizona, Minnesota, and Texas.  I kind of like Texas the best, but I'm not sure "ya'll" will ever be a part of my daily vocabulary. 
  5. Lime candy is my favorite! I once made up a Green Skittle Day in celebration of my love for lime skittles, but am absolutely bummed that they decided to change the flavor to green apple.  What?!