A real shocker, right?

If I was limited to just one camera, I would pick my DSLR ( + an awesome prime lens like the 50mm or 35mm).  But if I was limited to two, I’d pick my DSLR and my iPhone.

This past weekend I found myself snapping photos of my boys playing bubbles with both cameras and it made me think about the different reasons I choose one or the other.


The biggest advantage the iPhone has over my DSLR is size.  I can slide it in my back pocket.  I have a small, easily accessible pouch for it in my purse.  And it’s small enough that I can snap a photo with it using one hand.  That last one was the biggest reason I opted for the iPhone 6 instead of the 6+ last year.

And guess what, the iPhone takes some pretty decent photos these days!

The above photo was snapped with my iPhone, and because I typically shoot with a low aperture (creating a shallow depth of field) with my DSLR, I would not have snapped anything similar with my “fancier” camera.

Another reason I sometimes choose iPhone over DSLR is the ability to hold the camera away from my face.  If I don’t want to put a lot of effort into crouching down to the level I want my photo to be taken at, I can lower my arms, or reach to the left or right, and snap away with the iPhone.

In the photo below, Alwyn was having fun blowing bubbles toward me.  Instead of having them pop in my face, I opted to lower my iPhone and avoid being in the line of fire.



But there are some disadvantages to the iPhone.

That shallow depth of field is sometimes too good to pass up.  The photo above is “made” in my opinion, by having the focus be almost solely be on Ephram’s face.  The background is blurred, Alwyn is blurred on the left side, and my eyes immediately jump to his happy expression as he popped a bubble.


The deciding factor on this particular day to grab my DSLR was that I couldn’t get the iPhone to focus on what I wanted.  I spent a few minutes tapping the screen, trying to tell it to lock focus on this floating bubble, but it kept insisting that the rest of the yard was far more interesting.  Or maybe it was telling me to pick up the kid’s toys and stop snapping photos.

Taking a photo with the focus on the bubble took a matter of seconds with the DSLR.


Ultimately, my camera choice comes down to how important I feel the image I want to take is, balanced heavily with which camera is most convenient.

If I’m away from the house and I only have my iPhone, obviously it’s the best choice.  But if I have both available, I need to ask myself some questions.

Will the iPhone capture the subject matter efficiently or would it be easier with the DSLR?  Is this an image that quality will matter?  More specifically, will I just use it for Instagram or Project Life (iPhone will do), or will I want it framed someday (run inside and grab that DSLR and don’t forget the memory stick!)?

Now that Christmas is over, I can share the rest of this gorgeous family session from last fall. So grateful the Andrews family were up for such an early morning session. I knew this location would be gorgeous this time of day if the sun was out and luckily it was! This family rocked it well and matched the bright sun with their equally bright smiles.

Morning session with beautiful family in Klein TX

To all my paper crafting friends out there, you may recognize mom in these photos as Meghann Andrew! Incredibly fun to photograph (& chat in person) with a fellow scrapbooker!

Morning session with beautiful family in Klein TXMorning session with beautiful family in Klein TX

One year olds are notoriously not very interested in having their photos taken, but little Lizzie did such a great job exploring the area and smiling big when tickled.

Morning session with beautiful family in Klein TXMorning session with beautiful family in Klein TXMorning session with beautiful family in Klein TXBeautiful family photography in Klein TX

Location: Nearby Park
What: Klein Family Photographer, Backyard Klein Family Photos, Spring Family Photos Portraits
Spring, TX Family Photographer, Donya Luana

Friday Five - Donya Luana

1. Need a creative kickstart? Love this list by Catherine. Looking through my recently downloaded photos almost always sparks something new for me.

2. After reading this, I’m definitely digging out all those lotions I’ve received and finally using them.

3. How much easier would grocery store runs have been if I’d known about these a couple of years ago?

4. Beau and I finally made time to watch Boyhood last weekend. I had heard it was great, but hadn’t really heard why. I thought it was mostly to do with the fact that it took 12 years to film, which is fun to watch as well. But what I loved most about this movie can be best summed up by this quote:

“the movie’s overwhelming power and poignancy comes from the knowledge that a person’s time on the planet will most certainly end, and that our only real task is to live in those moments, in the inconsequential in-betweeness, that makes up the arc of our journey.” -Rustin Thompson

5. My friend Jess Forster is launching a brand new podcast this week called Pocket Talk and I’m honored to be a guest for Episode 1!

Happy Friday!

Mercer Garden Photographer | Donya Luana
Mercer Garden Photographer | Donya Luana
Mercer Garden Photographer | Donya Luana

Yesterday was one of those days…

One of those days that I’m getting better at.

One of those days when I was knee deep in a project when Beau arrived home, Alwyn’s nap ended, and I needed to walk away.

One of those days when I didn’t want to walk away. I wanted to get one more thing done.

One of those days when I had to tell myself that it could wait until tomorrow. I had accomplished enough today.

One of those days when I chose to keep a good attitude. To roll with the unexpected and make the most of it.

“Attitude is everything.” – Diane Furstenberg