Garden Recipe 2 of 20


We planted green beans from seed this year and they grew SO fast. Actually, they began taking over our peppers, because even though these were the bush type, they started vining everywhere. We probably should have set up a trellis for them to climb, which would hopefully have lead to a higher production. We only got two green bean harvests out of our garden this year before deciding to remove them because they just weren't producing much and were taking up so much space. Gardening is always a learning process, I suppose.

Recipe No. 2 : Green Bean Bacon Bundles

I put off making this recipe one night because I wasn't in the mood to do much cooking, but when it came to actually making them the next night, it didn't take as long as I thought.  I chose the recipe because who can deny vegetables wrapped in bacon and brushed with butter and sugar?!

Verdict: I loved them. Beau enjoyed them as well. Ephram & Alwyn? Well... they liked the bacon. But that was about it.

As an attempt to get my family eating healthier and from our garden, I'm on a mission to make 20 different recipes using ingredients from our backyard veggie, fruit, & herb gardens.  You can see the rest of my recipes here.