Garden Recipe 1 of 20

This year I'm making goals for our garden! Back in March we took advantage of the raised bed in our backyard (left by the previous home owners) and planted a variety of items.  Over the past few months it's really grown.  For my husband, the process of growing everything is his favorite part.  But for me, I like to have an end goal, like actually using and eating what we grow!  It gets me a little more interested and motivated to get out there and care for the garden.

So this year I created a goal to make 20 different recipes using at least one ingredient from the garden.  Not only will it fill my desire to use what we grow, but I'm hoping it will inspire us to try a few new recipes, get the kids interested in gardening with us and try new foods.  Since we don't currently have 20 different types of fruit and veggies currently planted, I'm sure I'll be repeating some, and for sure we'll be planting a winter crop later this year.  Additionally, the herb garden will count.  Which leads me to my first recipe!


Recipe No. 1 : Pineapple Sage Smoothie

Beau picked some interesting herbs when he set up the garden.  I love just smelling them occasionally while checking on the gardens.  But of course, the purpose of an herb garden is to use them!  So I googled Pineapple Sage first and found a smoothie recipe (as well as a few other interesting ones) and quickly decided I needed to try it out.

Verdict: Alwyn is my smoothie buddy.  Beau isn't a fruit person and Ephram has sworn off smoothies for the past year or so (I sure hope it's just a phase).  So just Alwyn and I tried it.  But we loved it!  It wasn't the strongest flavored smoothie I've ever had, but a good flavor, nonetheless.  I could see us having it again with our usual breakfast of peanut butter on toasted english muffins.

As an attempt to get my family eating healthier and from our garden, I'm on a mission to make 20 different recipes using ingredients from our backyard veggie, fruit, & herb gardens.  You can see the rest of my recipes here.