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Our garden produce has slowed down now that we're hitting the peak heat of the summer here in Houston. Peppers and jalapenos are all we have right now, but I hope to get a good fall/winter crop going soon. Today is all about using our yellow peppers. Yum!

Enchilada Porcupine Meatball stuffed Pepper Recipe
Enchilada Porcupine Meatball stuffed Pepper Recipe

Recipe No 5. : Enchilada Porcupine Meatball Stuffed Peppers (adapted from

Our modifications:

- Leave out the onion and Worcestershire sauce. - Replace the tomato sauce with Enchilada sauce and double it. - Cut a pepper in half, lay in baking dish inside up, and place two of the meatballs inside. - Add 1 cup of rice to the sauce mixture and pour over meatballs before baking.

Beau sort of invented this recipe about a year ago and it's become a favorite in our house. We serve with sour cream and shredded cheese and drink with lots of milk since we like to use enchilada sauce on the spicier side.

The peppers I used are technically yellow peppers, but we've only had one fully ripen so far, so I used an unripe one and it tasted just fine.

Verdict: This is my favorite dinner and I love the combination of having it in the peppers. Beau and Alwyn love it too, but without the peppers. Ephram is a little more apprehensive because he isn't a big fan of rice, but he ate everything on his plate this time with the reward of a popsicle afterwards.

As an attempt to get my family eating healthier and from our garden, I'm on a mission to make 20 different recipes using ingredients from our backyard veggie, fruit, & herb gardens.  You can see the rest of my recipes here.