Five on Friday

1. Love these behind the scenes shots.

2. A super easy coin trick even my five year old could learn!

3. Very thorough roundup of the best ready-made frames. #printyourphotos

4. The Rubber Band Method for parenting? Definitely giving this a try.

5. New perspective when you ask yourself, "what did I do today?" as a mom.

"I know it’s easy to wonder what you got done everyday. And to judge your day’s success by the completion of your to-do list. But listen – that to-do list? It’s a guide. Not a grading tool."  -Rachel at Finding Joy

Happy Friday!

Five on Friday


1. My "freakishly well-developed mama immune system" failed me this week...

2. Would you ever let your kids choose your clothing for a week?

3. Simple ways to take care of yourself while being a parent.

4. hilarious.

5. Fabulous post on how writing (or memory keeping/photographing/journaling) can change you.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” —Anaïs Nin

Happy Friday!

Five on Friday


1. The history of Conversation Hearts. I'm not really a fan, but still interesting.

2. Another handy app for your phone.

3. Fabulous ideas for displaying kid's artwork.

4. As our kids begin to read, this will be something I keep in mind.

5. I could NOT write my thoughts on motherhood better than this.

This is what being a mama is. Love so strong that sometimes it feels like pain, with a heart so full of love it feels like you couldn't possibly love a bit more. Letting go and loving more. Always, always more. - Dani Hampton