I'm Loving It: February Edition


1. Anthropologie Bag - I'm in no need of another bag, but I can't stop looking for them!

2. Ikea pillow - I'm a total math nerd (unless Calculus is involved, then no thanks!) and the chalkboard look on a pillow is making me swoon!

3. Anthropologie Planter - Perfect color. Perfect design. Love everything about this gorgeous succulent planter (except the fact that it's sold out!).

4. See Design Cosmetic Bag - I am super organized in some areas, but the inside my purse is not. Thinking about purchasing a few smaller bags to keep things less of a mess inside my bag. How do you organize your purse?

5. Urban Outfitters Cloud Slippers - Do these not look amazingly comfortable?!

6. Pantone Coffee Mug - Clean and beautiful design. (insert heart eyes emoji)

7. You Are Awesome Co. Personalized Art Print - I can't get enough inspiring quotes on my walls. This one is at the top of my wishlist.

What are you loving lately?

I'm Loving It : January Edition


1. Sterilite® Stack & Carry Tray Organizer Tote - Little legos (the real deal) have entered our home and I'm sure the collection will be growing.  But for the time being, we're using this organizer to keep them somewhat sorted and off the carpet.

2. Kirkland Signature Cookware Set - Beau and I gifted each other this set of cookware for Christmas.  It had only been 6 years since we were given a set for our wedding, but our novice cooking skills + stainless steal pots and pans didn't turn out well.  This set is amazing and we have absolutely zero complaints.

3. Old Navy - Ponte-Knit Leggings - How has it taken me this long to buy leggings?  I may never stop wearing them since they're so dang comfy!  I'm still fully looking forward to the days of shorts and t-shirts again, but in the meantime, you'll probably find me wearing black leggings.

4. Joby GorillaPod Stand - I love the iPhone 6, but the one thing I disliked about the upgrade was that they got rid of the flat sides on the phone!  It's definitely a lot prettier this way, but I wasn't able to set it anywhere and take a timed photo (like this).  That's where the Jovy GorillaPod comes in.  Those legs are amazingly bendy and it's been super handy in getting more of those timed selfie photos again.

5. Saffron Avenue - Full Hearts Can't Lose Print - I'm always on the lookout for a good print.  If you've watched the every episode of Friday Night Lights, twice, like I have, you'll fully appreciate this print as well.

6. Mother-in-law's Tongue Plant - So thankful for this plant (also known as the Snake plant).  I am the worst at remembering to water plants around here but the snake plant doesn't care.  He thrives even when I completely ignore him.

7. Pottery Barn Kids - Quote Board - I snagged this chalkboard sign for Ephram's room - the gallery wall I'm still working on and might actually complete before he graduates high school.

What are you loving lately?

December, I'm Loving It

What I'm Loving | December Wishlist
What I'm Loving | December Wishlist

1. Minted Foil Stamped Wall Art  2. Pinhole Press Christmas Tree Memory Game 3. Crocheted Calm Cowl Instructions 4. Minted Foil Stamped Photo Art 5. Target Deer String Art 6. Little Passports Kit for Kids 7. Snowflake Rolling Pin

Beau and I finished up a majority of our gift shopping earlier this week.  So glad to have it out of the way.  Though I can't help but have my eye on a few personalized gifts that would be fun to make, like that Memory Card Game.  Our recent discovery of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown has me even more interested in the Little Passports kit for kids.  I think Ephram would love it in the next few years.

My love for gold foiling has only grown as the Christmas season has arrived.  I passed on gold-foiling for our Christmas cards, but I'd love to make a wall portrait using our Christmas card photo, stamped with gold foil through Minted.  So beautiful.  And speaking of beautiful, how cute would snowflake stamped cookies be?  That rolling pin is even gorgeous on it's own even.

& doesn't that cowl look comfy!? I'm thinking it would be a fun January project.  Right along with finally finishing a wall gallery in Ephram's room now that I scored that deer string art on clearance!

What are you loving lately?