Around Here: July

The start of the school year is near and even though I'm not the one going back to school, it still brings about that "new start" feeling that I love so much.  So in the spirit of new starts, I'm hoping to jump start this blog with new content.  

June and July have flown by as we settled into our new house.  We've become addicted to transforming homes and this one is no different.  We've already painted 50% of the interior walls, added a plethora of plants to the yard, and we've only just begun.  Making a house a home is one of our favorite hobbies.  And Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is my absolute favorite wall color! 

we love puj cups

Speaking of setting up home, I've been eyeing these Puj cups for quite some time but only recently realized they were available with Amazon Prime shipping which meant the price didn't almost double with shipping!  I even tried DIY-ing cups last year with magnets but it failed.  Finally ordered them and so far these have been a big hit.  It's a small win, but no longer cleaning up 10 cups at the end of the day has been very worth it. 

Have you checked out Prisma yet? This new app transforms your photos into art.  After seeing the fun photos my brother in law was creating I decided to check it out and I've been obsessed ever since.  Working on a wall art idea for the playroom using these. If it turns out, I'll definitely post about it soon! 

boutique personal photo editor for wedding and portrait photographers

Really enjoying my new venture in editing for photographers.  While being the one behind the camera will forever bring me joy, it's been an incredible pleasure to work with a few photographers and help them in their business. 

Also working on a new memory keeping project and I'd love to know, what do you struggle with most when it comes to documenting your children's lives or your own?  Taking the pictures?  Finding the words to go with the pictures? Creating something tangible with these photos/stories so that they may be viewed for years to come?  Leave a comment below! 

Easy Valentine's Day Cards (Free printable!)

Oh my! Valentine's Day is just around the corner!  

Honestly, I've been looking forward to this holiday since the day I took down all the Christmas decor.  When we lived in Minnesota, I loved keeping the snowy Christmas decor out during January, but in Houston?  Well, it just doesn't seem as appropriate.  Instead, it's onto the next holiday!  

And of course, part of the fun of Valentine's Day is passing out cards to classmates!  My 5 year old and I brainstormed a few different ideas and finally decided on giving his friends crayons.  Something we both love!


Crayons are best enjoyed with something to color on, so I kept the lettering open on the card, and created a small coloring page on the backside.  

And since it was so simple to put together, I decided to share it with you as well!



The trickiest part is printing on both sides of the cardstock.  I constantly forget which direction to place the paper to get it to print correctly, so I always put a small pencil mark on the lower right hand side before printing, and then I can reference it when I need to flip the paper for printing the back side.


Happy Valentine's making!  


This year has been a life changing one. With the loss of my father, I can feel a shift in my perspective on just about everything. I can’t even pinpoint all of the exact changes it has brought, but I can feel a difference deep inside of me. Most importantly, it has caused me to see differently when I look through my camera.

As the holidays approach and we gather together to celebrate, perhaps some of our loved ones will be missing, but many will still be there. Be intentional with the photos you take during your time together. Think about the photos you’d like to have 20 years from now and be purposeful when you pick up your camera over the next few weeks.

Enjoy the sweet break from routines over the holiday season! While I plan to rest, I’m anxiously working on site refresh and am excited to share what’s to come in 2016.

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