December 2014 Self Portrait - Sinking into the Season

December felt different this year for many reasons. We were selling/house hunting a year ago, so it was a nice change to be settled in our home, letting Christmas take over our house, and not fearing a surprise showing this year. I let myself sink into the season. I savored the anticipation of Christmas with my boys. & we celebrated the holiday throughout the month. I really slacked on my portrait this month, waiting for an idea to reveal itself to me. Instead, this was a snap Beau took of me and the boys Christmas morning after they opened up all their gifts, and it ended up summarizing my month so well. The tree was our backdrop all month long. Or at least until the morning of the 26th when it was becoming too dry to keep up.

Dec 2014 Self Portrait | Donya Luana
Dec 2014 Self Portrait | Donya Luana

And that wraps up twelve months!

I found it funny looking back at this year's portraits, that the first 6 portraits I was by myself and then I included one or two people in the remaining six. Like I got lonely in my portraits halfway through the year, but wasn't lonely in life and decided to let others join in. In the end I think it taught me that I don't care if it's a snapshot or a planned portrait, I love them just the same. My initial goal was the get myself in front of the camera more often and I think that was achieved.

2014 Self Portraits | Donya Luana
2014 Self Portraits | Donya Luana

Looking forward to 2015 and am excited to try something different with my 2015 portraits!

November Self Portrait: A Cold Reminder

Winter was never my favorite season when I lived in Minnesota. I can remember feeling livid that my car fishtailed the first time I had to drive home from school in the snow.  Roughly 10 years later, I moved south.

We recently found out my dad has cancer and decided to make a trip up to Minnesota for Thanksgiving.  Our first trip to Minnesota during the winter in the three years since we moved to Texas.  The trip was fast and exhausting (aren't all trips with a 2 and 4 year old exhausting?), and my kids do not do well out of routine.  Nor do I.  I was super excited that they'd be able to see snow, but the cold weather wasn't fun for any of us Texas climate-adaptors.  In fact, it was an extremely good reminder of why we moved south.

Nonetheless, it was worth it.

Seeing Ephram & Alwyn laugh hysterically at their visible breathe, made it worth it.  Watching them run in the snow only to realize how cold and wet it would make them, made it worth it.  Remembering all those awful drives in the snow, made it worth it.  And having this photo of my dad, my grandpa, and me on Thanksgiving, made it worth it.


October Self Portrait: Bike Rides


Who needs a Fitbit when you've got a 2 year old obsessed with bike rides?! But seriously, we finally purchased bikes after debating their worth ever since we moved in January, and we've used them several times a week ever since. I'm hopeful it continues, and Alwyn is even more hopeful every bike ride leads to a pit stop at our favorite ice cream spot. Naturally, a bike ride instigated by a cranky 2 year old lead to a great opportunity to snap a selfie this month.

October was great (though busy and fast) and I'm excited to see what a hopefully slower November brings. I love this time of year.

2014 October Self Portrait of Monthly Series
2014 October Self Portrait of Monthly Series

November goals:

  • A book I want to read: Gone Girl (apparently I've been missing out)
  • A craft I want to do: Family handprint turkeys (idea from here)
  • A "skill" I want to work on: Slowing down.
  • An activity I want to do more often: Dancing to music with my boys.