Tuesday Odds & Ends #22


I am currently very tempted by sweets. Am considering making "No snacks except fruit while Ephram naps" a July goal to keep my indulgences in check. I finished the book Room yesterday. The fictitious five year old boy who tells the story reminded me so much of Ephram and, though his circumstances are completely different, every time I set it down I was reminded just how patient I should be with Ephram and how much he has yet to understand about the world. A quick but interesting read for mothers of little boys (or girls).

I am so anxious for the Olympics. Women's Gymnastics in particular. I can still feel the excitement I had in the 1996 Olympics. Every four years it returns.

Fireworks tomorrow! Here's a great refresher on how to photograph them if you are planning to do so.

I am celebrating two nights in a row of Ephram sleeping in his big boy bed. Now, if only I could get him to stay in his bed at naptime... Oh, and actually nap.

Beau's brother headed home on Sunday and even two days later we're all still missing him. Especially Ephram. It made me so happy that he remembered Uncle Blake from Minnesota.

Tuesday Odds & Ends #21


You have no idea how relieved I am that Tropical Storm Debby didn't head west towards us this weekend.  For those non-meteorologists out there that read this blog, it was near impossible to guess where Debby was going to head on Friday night.  Of course, by Sunday, it was obvious.  Beau spent his whole weekend monitoring it for work, and at one point I did run to the store and stock up on water, bread and batteries.  The meteorologist in me was slightly thrilled with the idea of our first tropical system, but the home-owner in me is so relieved to be dealing with heat instead of winds and flooding this week. Yesterday was our first official 100+ degree day in Houston.  But instead of hiding inside all day as I would in the dead of winter in Minnesota, we headed to the Splash Pad!  Ephram and I both had a blast, though he particularly enjoyed finding a worm and carrying it around with him everywhere...  I got a few odd looks from one or two of the moms there, and no, I didn't love him having wormy hands.  But I've learned, sometimes you just have to let boys be boys.  Wormy hands and all.

We've been to the Splash Pad with a couple of different groups of friends this summer so far, but yesterday we met up with the lovely Casey.  I think I started following her blog around the time we were both pregnant with our first babies.  She lived in Texas, I lived in Minnesota.  Fast forward two years and she was getting ready for a move to Scotland and I was getting ready to move to Texas.  We never had a chance to meet in person before she moved, but she's in town visiting and invited us to join her mom friends/kids yesterday.  Casey is such a sweet girl, besides being so talented and having great taste/style.  So great to meet you in person finally, Casey!

I'm attempting to start a new family tradition of Homemade Pizza Friday.  So far we've done it twice, and I'm still learning the best way to make the dough.  This week I hope to try an overnight dough.  Ephram helped me last week since he's in love with our mixer.  After adding the yeast and water, I told him we had to wait a little while before adding the flour.  I helped him hop off the counter and he took off to get his toy mixer.  After I retrieved the flour from the pantry, I realized he'd not only ran to get his own mixer, he was also trying to open the backdoor so he could obtain flowers for the pizza dough.  I absolutely love this age.  At least in between the tantrums...

What's new with you this week?

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday Odds & Ends #20


Something I've been working on over the past 6 months is to purge unnecessary things.  When we moved I was hugely reminded just how much stuff you can end up with if you don't regularly throw out or donate things you no longer have uses for.  But I have a confession: I am horrible at applying this same thinking to my computer.  Especially when it comes to fonts.  I'm a font collector.  And yesterday I stumbled upon Amanda's handwritten font collection once again and downloaded quite a few new ones.  If you're a lover of handwritten fonts like I am, be sure to check it out. Ephram has impressed me a number of times in the past week.  The first was when he threw away an empty box that he knew was garbage.  The second was when I asked him to bring a pile of clean clothes to his bedroom and later found that he'd not only followed my instructions, but he'd put the clothing pile inside one of his dresser drawers.  And shut the drawer.  The third was when I asked him to put his pajamas in the laundry room and I later found them not only in the laundry room, but inside the washing machine.  Makes me feel like a good, example-setting mom when I see him follow simple instructions like this.  BUT, there are still many moments when he disobeys, loses his temper, & throws things.  Good or bad behavior, I'm continually becoming more aware of just how much he's watching me and learning from me, the habits that will become his own as he grows up.  Ryan wrote a post yesterday that hit the nail on the head.  Made me think even more about this very thing.

Quick & incredibly useful internet tip: I learned of IFTTT.com last night, which stands for If This Then That.  And just as they claim, they put the internet to work for you, by creating If-Then formulas for you.  I haven't dove too far into what is possible with IFTTT yet, but so far I've set up recipes to have my Instagram photos automatically uploaded to my Dropbox, my Tweets archived to my Google Calendar, and my favorited Tweets put into a single Evernote file.  Okay, so this all might seem worthless from a distance, but it's worth checking out the "recipes" they have and see if there are any simple tasks you could automate for yourself.

And, the most exciting part of me week so far?  Getting our new kitchen table.  Seriously, it shouldn't be that exciting, but for this nerd, it is.  Beau spent over 5 hours putting together a tv stand, a kitchen table, and four chairs (all from IKEA) last night.  I wish I would have time lapsed the whole thing, but here's 90 minutes worth of him and Ephram putting together the table in 50 seconds.  Ephram and I ate breakfast and lunch at the table this morning and I think it's safe to say he loves it almost as much as he loves milk.  And that's saying a lot.