Camping in Fredericksburg, TX

This was our first camping trip without diapers or pack-n-plays, but honestly I'd say the biggest difference was that we could let the boys play at the playground while we sat nearby and chilled with a glass of wine.  

Beau texted me just last Monday with the idea to go camping over the weekend.  He didn't think I'd say yes, since I'm not known for my spontaneity, but I did and I'm so glad we went.  It's been about two years since we last visited Fredericksburg, TX but it was without the boys.  I pulled up my last blog post from Fredericksburg as I was packing on Friday to find that I had written then that I wanted to bring the kids here.  

Since we haven't camped in awhile, and most of our camping supplies are behind a large stack of moving boxes in the garage at the moment, we decided to rent a little camping cabin at the Fredericksburg KOA.  We headed out from Houston just after 3pm and arrived about 7pm.  

Ephram and Alwyn immediately went to the park while Beau and I finished setting up the beds.  Then we took a walk to explore the campground a bit and look at the chickens.  Just as we were heading back to our cabin one of the camp attendants offered to bring the boys back and collect the day's eggs.  So fun.  We've been talking about getting chickens once we move, and this totally sealed the deal for me.  


Nothing better than fresh eggs.  

Or a husband who tolerates random photos. ;)

Saturday morning we headed to Enchanted Rock.  

I had my doubts as we were driving here, worried the kids wouldn't be able to do it.  But they both shocked me and climbed up the whole thing with only one brief rest and a few requests from Alwyn to be carried towards the top.  

We're all about the poses right now, I guess? 

Gorgeous view. I could have sat up there for quite awhile, but rain was approaching and Ephram was in a hurry to get down.

Alwyn, on the other hand, would have spent the rest of the day climbing these rocks if we'd let him.


I may have had to bribe Alwyn by taking several pictures of him on the rocks before I could convince him to keep climbing down the batholith. 

Staged photos just never work out very well... but it was such a perfect sitting rock!


After a little drive to allow Alwyn to take a short nap following our hike, we did some exploring in downtown Fredericksburg.  

Ephram is in love with horses right now, so this mama gladly whipped out 50 cents for these smiles. 

I have this thing with cactuses.  


Then we grabbed sandwich supplies and headed back to the cabin to hang out.  

And to check out the longhorns nearby.  


 This one... he's just too cute sometimes.

I may have taken an equal number of photos of both the chickens and my children on this trip.

The best part of camping: giving the kids something new to do outside.  They pulled several weeds out of the park and decorated one of the park structures, for a pretend celebration, of course.  Love their imaginations.  

We headed out early Sunday to get back home since there was more rain on the way.  But this was such a peaceful and beautiful campground.  I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're near Fredericksburg! 

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Clipboards + Photos

So we're moving.  Yep, we're just slightly crazy and have decided to move once again.  

If you've been keeping track over the past several years, this will be our 4th move since our first home in Minnesota which we moved into 8 years ago.  We didn't see this one coming, especially since we've been very happy in our current home and neighborhood for the past 2.5 years, but still equally excited for it.  Our biggest reasons for moving are for more land and to be closer to my mom as she makes the move from Minnesota to Texas as well!

Since listing our current home for sale, several friends have asked decorating questions.  I've always meant to share more as we've decorated and remodeled portions of our home, but for some reason I never felt right doing so.  Or failed to make the time.  But with the questions I've received and the huge interest in our home during the four whole days it was listed for, it appears there may be enough interest for me to now make the time to share.  And it gives me something to fun to focus on while I not-so-patiently wait to move into our next home and start all over with the decorating process! 

First up, a little wall at the top of the stairs that sat empty for almost 2 years.  

Easy Wall Gallery Idea Using Mini-Clipboards and 5x7 Photo Prints

These clipboards may be one of the most recent additions I made to our home but I'm certain they'll be one of the first things I hang up in the new house because I love them so much.  

While I'm a huge fan of large wall pieces and photographs, it can be challenging to decide on just a few images to print.  With this clipboard gallery I can choose all of my favorites and swap them out with new favorites as often as I'd like.  

I printed the photos as 5x7's with a white border through Costco.  Since these are small prints, I cropped vertically even on some horizontal shots to make them work with the set up, while not worrying too much about losing the quality of the image.  

I'd love to hang these in a more visible part of our next home and also switch the photos out for Holiday cards, Happy Mail, or drawings by the kids, to change it up every few months.  What would you hang up? 

*inspiration by Danielle Hatcher

Update: the clipboards are hung in the new house! 

Frames are laid against walls throughout the house, paint colors all need to be changed, but the clipboards are out of boxes and up on the walls for display.  

I ran into some trouble with that dang light switch placement, trying to keep the grouping centered on the wall, so I spaced them a little differently this time to fill the wall accordingly, leaving out one column of frames.

Easiest Wall Gallery Using Clipboards | Donya Luana At Home

I've been asked a few times how I got them so evenly spaced, and really it was a lot of eyeballing it and readjusting as I went.  But a level helped hugely to draw pencilled guidelines (which still need to be erased).  And well, it isn't perfect, but it's done.

Get the clipboards now, and while you're there, pick up some 3M command strips for hanging them as well! 

Bluebonnet Adventures 2016

I thought we might miss them this year between our schedule and the weather, but after somewhat unanticipatedly deciding to sell our home and move to the country (I'll share more about this soon. Pinky promise.), we found ourselves with an entire Saturday needing to be away from the home for house showings and nothing on the agenda.  So a bluebonnet adventure it was.  


Ephram learned all about our state flower in Kindergarten this year, so he was super excited to visit a huge field of them.  And apparently, six years old is when the posing starts?  It is for Ephram at least. 


Strategy: "Ephram, run up to Alwyn and give him a big hug!" *click*


And just so you think my kiddos aren't super cooperative or something, here's a few that I took that weren't all sunshine and rainbows...but captures their relationship so well!

They can go from being worst enemies to best friends and back within seconds.  Typical brothers, of course! 


Did you get out to see the bluebonnets this spring?  I know it's such a silly tradition here in Texas, but I have to say I just love them.  At least, until I see a snake!

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