Alwyn : 10 Months

This month went extremely fast. Probably had something to do with two energetic boys who both never sit still any more. This month he:

- Started crawling fast. He can get anywhere he wants to go, and learned he can reach things when he sits on his knees. Just in the past couple weeks he can now pull to a standing position. I'm actually surprised it took so long for him to master this skill.

- Now he's standing everywhere he can, as long as he's holding onto something.  He'll even stand up next to a wall without anything to really hold onto.  But no walking just yet.

- Dances by bouncing on his bottom. He started doing this not long after learning to sit, but the frequency increased this month. Especially once we started playing with Tigger. Too cute.

- Started the month eating mostly mushed/baby foods, but he finally got the hang of mushing/chewing food with his gums. And now he's chewing everything and prefers to feed himself. He also pushed out his first tooth at 9.5 months - a lateral inciser. Not in the correct order for teeth development, so I'm guessing the other 5 are coming very soon.

- Had a fever for two days which I attributed to teething at first.  But it turned out to be a case of Roseola.

- Ephram has not been too nice to him these past two months. Ever since Alwyn has started to crawl and grab toys, there's been some tension between them. But this month, Alwyn started really showing his frustration with Ephram taking toys away, and even tried biting him a few times.

- Despite Ephram's terrible behavior towards Alwyn, he loves finding Ephram and crawling to his room whenever he can.  His best laughs are usually the result of Ephram.

- Had his first hair trim.  I can't even call it a true hair cut.  I trimmed a few hairs over his ears and near his neck.  Who knew getting rid of a few scraggly hairs would make him look so much older?

- Taking 2 to 3 naps each day.  Going to bed around 6-7pm, still waking at least once a night usually, and getting up for the day around 6-7am.

- Learned to tip a cup back, which really surprised me since I know Ephram hadn't figured it out at this age.  He's also rarely even had a bottle, so he hasn't had a lot of opportunities to figure it out!  But he saw one of Ephram's cups on the floor, decided to play with it/try to drink from it, and within a couple minutes he had figured out how to tip it back.

- One of the cutest things he does is his growl.  He started growling whenever Ephram made car noises or animal roars, and he'll now do it whenever anyone growls at him.


Switched his monthly photos back to the white wall again.  It's getting harder and harder to keep him in that chair, but luckily he was in a great mood and I got his photos very quickly this time.

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