This year has been a life changing one. With the loss of my father, I can feel a shift in my perspective on just about everything. I can’t even pinpoint all of the exact changes it has brought, but I can feel a difference deep inside of me. Most importantly, it has caused me to see differently when I look through my camera.

As the holidays approach and we gather together to celebrate, perhaps some of our loved ones will be missing, but many will still be there. Be intentional with the photos you take during your time together. Think about the photos you’d like to have 20 years from now and be purposeful when you pick up your camera over the next few weeks.

Enjoy the sweet break from routines over the holiday season! While I plan to rest, I’m anxiously working on site refresh and am excited to share what’s to come in 2016.

lovely links:

* encourage good conversation at your family gatherings with great questions. you never know what you might discover about the people you love.

* some words are better said in another language. so interesting!

* oh! the memories this show brings back… that house most certainly helped build me.