Alwyn : 9 Months

A whole three weeks late on this update, but better late than never, right? This month he:

- Figured out crawling and became a pro!

- Once he figured out crawling, his next task was figuring out how to sit back up on his own. A day or so later we had to lower his crib because I found him like this.

- Had his first beach adventure. & his first taste of sand.

- Did a lot of this. Silly boy.

- Tried cottage cheese for the first time and it quickly became his favorite food. He also loooooves my water bottle.

- Loves his brother, and especially his brother's room.

- Went on his second road trip to Minnesota. He did very well again, but it was a little more challenging now that he's mobile - especially at other people's homes and in the hotel.

- He's usually a little cautious of people he doesn't know, but he warmed up quickly to our Minnesota family. He loved seeing his cousins, and especially his auntie Taryn.

- Still was taking 3 naps on average and sleeping 6/6:30pm to 6/7am with one nursing session around 4 or 5am. Though his sleep schedule got fairly out of whack while on vacation.

- Continued being his mostly happy self as long as he wasn't tired. His monthly photos took a few tries because he was especially tired this day and his brother wasn't letting him sleep much (aka, being very loud).


& all 9 months together.


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