March 23, 2009 - Eastern NE (wall clouds)

Beau, Donya, Jared, Ron, Dylan, Kris, and Scott 03232009-1

On our way, we decided we needed to stop and visit the highest point in Iowa. What a great attraction; no lines, no waiting, no crowds.

And we got an awesome keychain!


Storms began to initiate a bit early, and we were still up in northeastern Nebraska at the time. We continued to head west to get out of the cloud cover, but visibility was still poor, even when we got within 10-20 miles of the first real isolated storm we were interested in. By the time we got to it, it has pretty much lost all structure, at least on radar. We still couldn't see much of a base with the hazy conditions. But got to visit the sandhills of Nebraska at least.



Got onto another isolated cell ahead of the main line of storms near North Bend, NE I believe.



Our chase group.




Another storm, just behind the last, caught up to us and developed a nice wall cloud for a few minutes.






Once this one dissipated, we headed east so the better structured storms to the south of us could come at us (moving north incredibly fast). One really good cell got going, and headed toward Omaha. We weren't in the best position with this storm and ended up sort of core punching it as we passed through Omaha to get east of it. (Beau will hopefully be posting video from this as we didn't get any pictures - too busy trying to make sure we stayed on the road and keeping an eye on where the main area of rotation was on radar) Just as we got east of it, we saw a nice wall cloud, which ended up pretty much on top of us. We didn't want to stop, being so close to it. Here's a velocity image of our GPS location in relation to the storm.

03232009velocity" alt="" />

Finally got a glimpse of it here, with a pretty nice wall cloud on it. Had to head northeast to stay on it though.


Of course, the road we had to take, went right into a valley and we couldn't see much at all... and once we got out of the valley, it looked like this.


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