Ephram // 18 months


Age: 18 MonthsWeight: 25 lbs (yes, i think he actually lost a pound!) Length: 32"-ish? Size: Slowly growing out of 12-18 month clothes, wearing some 24 month, size 4 diaper, size 5 shoe Hair: More and more hair, everyday. Trimmed the back a bit again, but filling in nicely on top! Teeth: I think we're at 9, close to having a 10th come in. Lots of finger chewing goin' on. Sleeping: Bedtime 7-8pm, Wakes up 6-7am. Naps: Can still get him to take two naps if timed right. But on daycare days, just one from 12-2:30. Eating: Two weeks ago, he wouldn't eat much of anything. This week, I think he's going to clean out the fridge! Loves cheese, loves most fruit, loves noodles, but he's not so in love with veggies still. He did learn to heat corn on the cob though, and liked it! Movement: A few new dance moves, climbing onto couches, walking around in adult shoes. And running. I don't think he knows how to walk anymore, just run. Milestones: Throws garbage away (even things we don't tell him to throw away but he knows are garbage), rubs lotion/soap on himself, points out his feet/nose and sometimes his bellybutton, and putting puzzle pieces in the right wholes. Outings: Dropping off and picking up daddy from the airport, Lake Billesby for a Potluck/picnic, up to the cabin for Uncle Blake's wedding. Favorite toys/activities: Any ball, firetruck/garbage truck, anything with wheels, stuffed animals, pots and pans, cups, puzzles. Words/sounds: The word explosion has begun. He repeats lots of words, and most noises (from the sound the blender makes to the train in the distance to exhausted sighs by Beau or I at the end of the day). He definitely knows kitty, puppy, diaper, stinky, ishy, garbage, ball, hey, hi, yeah, buh-bye, and will say even more words than this if I say it first - including the word 'no'. Memorable moments: Grandma Barb stayed with us for a weekend while daddy was out of town for work. Uncle Blake and Aunt Tanya got married at the cabin - Ephram showed off his fancy new dance moves at the reception (as seen below).

Ephram wasn't all too happy about me taking pictures of everyone instead of spending the day playing with him at the wedding... (E and his cousins)