11 Months? Really?

It’s just not possible. Yesterday, when posting Ephram’s 11 month stats, it didn’t really hit me that he was just a month away from being a full year old. But that all changed when I thought about the milestones that are quickly approaching. It’s just one month until we transition from formula to real milk, just one month from shoving cake in his face and singing happy birthday, one month until we go for another check up with a doctor, and get blood tests, and more shots. His teeth have decided now is the time to emerge. In one month, he’ll likely have at least 6 teeth. I can’t say for certain he’ll be walking or standing on his own in just one month, but he’ll be close. And he’ll completely transition out of all 6-12 month shirts in one month.

He amazes me everyday. Throwing balls, laying down to look under the couch for toys, waving good-bye to Shanna and Sarah as they put on their jackets to leave today, sitting still and staring carefully at the cats, finding water bottles in the cupboards and attempting to drink out of them. Tomorrow will bring something new for sure. Something I can’t even dream up.

I haven’t posted a picture of his face in far too long, so I hope this gives you a full fill of Ephram!

EphramDonya Gjerdingen