12 months

Age: 12 months/1 year!Weight: 22 lbs 7 ounces at last week’s dr appointment* Length: 2′ 5.75″ Size: mostly 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers, size 4 shoe (sort of) Hair: We clip his nails every few days, but I’m pretty sure he won’t need a hair cut for at least another year. His hair is so short. Teeth: Six! Just last month he had 3, 2 bottom and 1 coming in on top. Then another 3 starting coming in on top as well! Sleeping: Bedtime around 6-7pm, wakes up around 6-7am. Slept through the night every night, I think. And goes back to sleep so well if we have to bring him in to work at 10pm with us. Naps: Morning nap around 8 or 9 for an hour or so, afternoon nap around 1 for 1-2 hours. I hope this two nap/day thing continues for awhile. Eating: Clementines, bananas, grapes <–his favs. Cheerios, lunch meat, peas, asparagus, oatmeal, bread, string cheese, cottage cheese, etc. Movement: Gets around using his push car. Rarely crawls from room to room anymore. It’s all about walking with his car. Milestones: Walking with car, standing for a few seconds without assistance, stacking cups on his own, placing cups within other cups, putting shaped blocks in holes (or trying), opening up any cabinet he can find. Outings: Stayed at aunt Amy and uncle Paul’s house for a few days while mom and dad vacationed in Florida. Words/sounds: Mama, dada, kitty (itty), and lots and lots of babbling. This month I particularly loved when he’d do something (like setting his sippy cup upright on the floor, or stacking his cups) and make a noise to show he was proud of what he did. Hard to describe, but it is adorable. Sort of a sound of personal amazement and ‘hey, look what I did!’. Memorable moments: Falling backwards on a toy and cutting his head open a little. First real bloody cut. Luckily, mommy was at work and didn’t have to see it!

One year ago, I woke up at 2:22am, just as Beau predicted (2:30), with contractions. Ephram was born just before noon and our lives changed dramatically. And in the best way possible. Ephram has brought an incredible amount of joy to our lives this past year and continues to make me smile daily. What an amazing experience, becoming a parent. The photo below helps to show just how much changes in that first year. On the left, a baby who was just 5 hours old, figuring out this new world outside of my tummy, and on the right, a one year old, brushing his teeth like a big boy (taken last night).

one year

Advice for parents of newborns, whenever you get frustrated, just remember how fast things change. I look back at everything we’ve gone through with Ephram and laugh in amazement when I realize it was all within just one little year.

*based on his measurements last week at his doctor check up, 48 percentile for weight, 55 percentile for length, but still 83 percentile for head circumference!