Heart Update

On Friday, Ephram and mom headed to the Cardiologist for a check of his blood pressures. Dr. Baker had been concerned that since the blood pressures in his arms and legs were slightly different, there may be a blockage that would need fixing. Everytime Ephram had gotten his blood pressure checked previously, he’d been upset, crying and screaming when the cuff tightened. This time however, Ephram was a much happier boy. He didn’t cry once and was almost too happy and excited, squirming on the table. Once mom and the nurse got him to calm down, by letting him stare at the beads of the nurses ID badge, much more accurate blood pressure numbers were achieved. Dr. Baker saw them and with little difference between these important numbers, he decided things we all better. There had never been much on the ECG to show concern, but he had been cautious, thinking the uneven blood pressures were something to monitor at least. He’d still like to see him in November for a follow up ECG, but only for a routine check up!

EphramDonya Gjerdingen