5.5 Month "typical" Schedule

So, our days are hardly ever typical (with both Beau and I working rotating shifts, opposite of one another. mornings, afternoons, overnight shifts… the wonderful life of meteorologists), but here is a semi-normal day where Beau works 6am-2pm and I work 2pm-10pm. 5:00am – Ephram has a bottle, Beau leaves for work

7:00am – Ephram wakes up for the day, we play and watch a bit of the morning news, I pump

7:30am – Breakfast for us both, Ephram has a bottle of milk, then oatmeal/cereal + fruit

8:00am – We take a long walk (exercise for Mommy! Ephram falls asleep about half way) or we just play until morning nap (~8:30 or 9)

Ephram will usually wake up when we get home from the walk but I set him in his crib to continue napping. (Usually his morning nap lasts 2-3 hours. I shower. Check email, my Google Reader. Blog and edit photos. Clean up the house, wash bottles. Hang out with the cats.)

11:30am (ish) – Ephram wakes up + Bottle

11:45am – Play with toys + Sing (Head Shoulders Knees & Toes is my fav) + Read books

12:30pm – Johnny Jump-Up while I make lunch and pack dinner for work

12:45pm – I pump and we play/talk on the floor

1:15pm – We leave for work, Ephram talks/plays with toys in his car seat, but falls asleep after about 10 minutes

2:00pm – At work, I bring Ephram in and give him to daddy (baby handoff!), then they goes home (I work 2pm-10pm *sad face as my two favorite people leave* I pump once at work and once when I get home at 11pm)

2:45pm – Daddy and Ephram arrive home and have playtime

3:00pm – Bottle

5:00pm (ish) – Ephram takes a short nap, then more play time with Daddy or they may take a walk

6:30pm – Bottle + Veggie, then a bath (every other night or so)

7:00-7:30pm – Bedtime

Ephram usually sleeps through the night, but because he’s still pretty dependent on his pacifier to fall asleep, if he wakes up, we usually have to go in and find the pacifier for him. On a regular night, that’s only once or twice. On a bad night, it’s several times.

While Beau and I hardly get to see each other on days like this, there are other days where only one of us works and we get to spend time as a family in either the morning or evening.

But truly, no day is really ever the same. Especially if we have plans to go somewhere, like story time at the library, or Wednesday playdate, or a doctor’s appointment, or to the store.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen