A Garbage Good Job


Remember this moment: They say that as your child grows, it never gets easier, it just becomes different. I never doubted it, but I didn't truly understand it back when I first heard this around the time that Ephram was born. The sleepless nights, the constant need for you to hold them, the spit up. Those newborn days pass quickly and your daily challenges transition to figuring out nap schedules, cleaning up food, and making the house baby proof (at least from the knee down). Right now, with Ephram nearly at 18 month of age, we're dealing with food pickiness, tantrums, and baby proofing the house from my waist down. Every stage brings about its own challenges. Though with all the challenges comes new delights as well. At the newborn stage, it was the smiles. As he grew older, it was the ability to crawl right into my lap. And now, at 18 months, it is the ability for Ephram to understand words/questions. Everyday he understands something new. My favorite "trick" is when we ask him to throw something in the garbage -- usually his wrapped up dirty diaper after a changing or a clump of cat hair. Each time he does it, he claps his hands, as in 'Good Job.' I love it.

Though, of course, the inevitable challenge has been to make sure nothing but garbage gets thrown away. :)