A Late Present : 10 Reasons I Love You


I've had this project in my head for far too long to admit that it took me about 3 months to finally finish and order it. And sadly, it's not even an original idea. I didn't create the project out of thin air, I was just customizing it for my own child and recreating it a bit to suit my own design style. Original idea here.

But I finally finished it in a few spare minutes last week. The only reason I was able to force myself into finalizing the project was because I had purchased a Groupon for Shutterly (my first Groupon buy) and it was going to expire in May. So I needed to pound this project out before my Groupon expired.

Ephram, surprisingly, humored me enough to read it once through on the day it arrived, which definitely pleased my mama heart. I didn't expect him to show much interest in the book since he typically becomes sick of reading by about the second page of a story. But I am still glad I pushed myself to finish it, so that one day when he's older, he'll be able to see how loved (and adorable) he was as a baby.

Full book below:

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EphramDonya Gjerdingen