A Look Back At 2011


I have always wanted to write a year-in-review post but never seem to have the time around all the holidays we jam into the last two months of every year. So, honestly, I'm starting this in August. Yep, not kidding! Of course, even with my early attempts at finishing this post, I'm just now finishing it on January 1st. But hey, to find just a few moments to finish this in between packing up our lives to head to Texas is quite amazing in and of itself. So here we go. January: Ephram turned 10 months old and was already picking up some mad music skills. Ha! And somehow I got him to eat peas! I remember feeling fairly proud that day, but I think the very next time I offered him peas, he turned me down... Still very much working opposite shifts from Beau and dealing with a very cold Winter, Ephram and I had a lot of time on our own indoors, so I had to stay creative with my attempts to keep him happy. And he did too. And right before January came to an end, our poor little red car went to a better place.

February: I had an 11 month old on my hands and could barely believe it. Look at that bald head! He continued to be utterly adorable, but we left him for a few days on a trip to Florida - just Beau and I. (Thanks again Amy and Paul!) Meanwhile, Ephram got very close to walking.

March: Despite all my attempts to keep Ephram a little baby forever, he defied me and turned one. So I was forced to deal, and we threw a party. Though baby swim class is what really kept us busy this month. And a few redecorating and home improvement projects. And our first family storm chase of the season!

April: Ephram developed an obsession for cleaning, possibly due to the coming of Spring? And with Spring, came change; Beau got a new job within our company and Ephram started daycare. The snow started melting and we finally were able to venture outdoors with our newly mobile toddler. And despite all the change, my little guy continued to be a snuggler.

May: Our full-fledged toddler started mastering the art of using a fork, attempted to put on his own shoes, and became a huge fan of smoothies (even if they included peas!). All in addition to his mad swiffering skills. Every month has its sweet moments. But May was really defined by our backyard project: Part 1, part 2, part 3.

June: Summer arrived, which of course meant a couple trips up the cabin. And more time spent in the backyard, planting flowers and vegetables. And a bit of snuggling, wrestling, and brilliance for good measure.

July: What to do with a 16 month old in the middle of a hot summer? You learn to use a squirt bottle, travel up north to visit grandma on Fourth of July to play in the lake, and drive 10 hours west to escape record humidity. I apparently didn't blog much in July, probably because we doing a lot of playing outside.

August: Following suit from July, we spent even more time outside once the humidity began to subside, and our garden began yielding an insane amount of veggies! We also enjoyed a picnic at the beach with many of our playdate friends.

September: Ephram's uncle Blake got married, and our backyard became a jungle! Took lots of walks downtown and to the parks, and spent time lounging on the patio with friends. And even when it turned cold at the end of the month, a certain little fishboy decided he wouldn't let summer go.

October: I swear this was the year of being outside, thanks to a busy toddler of ours. I love that. He noticed the season change when it finally came, showed off his stubborn (yet adorable), inquisitive, & helpful personality. And of course, we finished off the month with Ephram's second Halloween. I'm not sure how we'll top the puppy costume next year.

November: I feel like Ephram really grew in the last couple months of 2011. The first big one was his verbal skills (which are hugely better now than in November - but this was the beginnings). Then he said adios to the pacifier - though not willingly at first. The highlight for Ephram: seeing snow for the "first" time. But the highlight for me: watching Ephram and his cousins play at Thanksgiving.

December: The very end of 2011 was a blurry state of limbo for us. With the slim chance of moving to Texas in the back of our minds, we tried to not let the 'what ifs' play a strong role, but who can ignore something so huge? Seriously. So we continued to visit family, were blown away with Ephram's words & interests (especially with the pretty christmas lights), and then finally found out the big news. I'm not sure the timing could have been more perfect, in that the holidays came just a few days after we found out, therefore allowing us to visit most of the family before our departure this coming week.

2011 was fantastic.

2012 will be even better, I know it.