a new approach.


Yesterday at roughly 4:55 pm:

Ephram wants a snack. of course. he always seems to get hungry the minute I start cooking dinner. hmm...

I give him ham. assuming that if he's actually hungry, he'll eat something he doesn't normally like.

He refuses to eat it.  ya... not surprised

Even after I tell him how good it is and eat it myself.  come on bud, i wouldn't lie to you

I give him a fork.  oh ya, he's a toddler and I should be teaching him to use utensils!

He stabs the ham with the fork and hesitantly brings the ham to his mouth.

Loves the ham.

Signs 'please' for more ham.

I guess sometimes taking a new approach at something is all you need to change your attitude about it.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen