A Squealing Good Time

I swear that I do love our house even in its current state (despite all the changes I mentioned yesterday), but something I would love to have is a sliding glass door. Doesn’t every house normally have one though? Exiting to the deck or something? Well, not our house. And unfortunately it’s a project that we definitely do not have the money for right now. I cannot believe I grew up taking such a wonderful feature for granted. How is a 2 foot tall, crawling 10 month old supposed to see the outdoors? Especially when we basically live in the Arctic and hibernate indoors for what seems like 50% of the year. Maybe more. Well, the other day Ephram did not want to be set down on the floor. Actually this is a regular daily occurrence. But this day it was snowing (oh wait, that’s a regular daily occurrence around here as well…) and so I pointed outside to show him the snow. It was then that a light turned on in my head that Ephram never gets to look outside anytime other than when we hold him. So I immediately scooted the coffee table over to the window and let him peer outside.

He absolutely loved it. Squeals ensued for a good 20 minutes. I couldn’t help taking about a million pictures, so here are a few below.

And to get the full effect of the happiness that this brought to Ephram, I took video. Lots of babbling, some squealing, what might be ‘kitty’, and of course, a video just isn’t a video without some dancing and singing from Ephram. Excuse my very poor videography skills.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen