this little boy... was adorable all weekend.

this little boy... waved good-night to kitty, Pacey before deciding it was time for bed at 6:35pm Saturday night.  I guess he was tired.

this little boy... woke up Sunday morning (early, early - see above) practicing the different inflections of 'Hi' in his crib.

this little boy... gave me two of the sweetest kisses ever known to man before bed on Saturday.  He very rarely offers kisses up unless it's bedtime or we are saying goodbye to someone.

this little boy... has become the most ticklish toddler ever.  Changing clothes is a new breed of difficult lately, but it's way better than screaming and crying.

this little boy... traveled 2 hours up north, watched 3 hours of football with several other adults (no kids), traveled another hour to Ikea, shopped like a champ (and may have even acquired a new set of bowls for himself), and then rode all the way home - all with little to no whining.

this little boy... is obsessed with lights and started counting them as we shopped through Ikea.  Except counting for him goes something like this, "two, two, two, two."  At least this should come in handy in about 4 months.

this little boy... refuses to wear his Halloween costume. Hoping for better luck next year.

this little man... can't get much more adorable. I'm quite sure of it. But I've been proven wrong before.

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