Ankle Deep.


We walked down the wooden stairs together. He held my hand and took each large step in stride. Then we arrived on the beach below the cabins. Stay out of the water, Ephram. We're not swimming right now. But I should have known the lake and Ephram had other plans. And two seconds later I was running to grab Ephram, now ankle deep in water, out of the lake, spilling a bit of wine on my shoe in the midst, and carefully lifting a fully clothed boy onto the shore while carefully attempting to stay dry in the process. Oh the joys of toddlers.  Just when you think they're starting to listen and obey and be all good, they prove you wrong.  Being at the cabin is definitely different than it was pre-Ephram days, but I enjoy it just the same.

We're headed up for yet another long weekend of coffee on the pontoon, yummy food, relaxing campfires...and chasing a little boy around.  Despite the autumn temperatures, I have a feeling a certain blonde haired boy will be stepping foot in the lake a few times. Perhaps we'll bring the swimsuit this time.

Happy Weekend!

EphramDonya Gjerdingen