autumn sunshine.


Hey blog readers, I know several of you have been checking the blog, looking for yet another Ephram filled post, I suppose. But, did you know that we've reached temperatures in the 80s eight of the last TEN days, and it's OCTOBER?! Yes, it's true. It's been incredibly warm here. We should be having temperatures in the lower 60s this time of year, but we've been wonderfully lucky, enjoying open windows all over the house, sporting tank tops and still sweating, taking evening walks and sipping frozen coffee drinks. It's been glorious, but it hasn't allowed me time to blog. This warmth won't last (like it's going away by Thursday, seriously...) so we've been taking full advantage of the sun, the colors, the warmth. The last drop of Summer.

Be back soon. Promise.

autumn quote with fall leaves and sunshine

EphramDonya Gjerdingen