awfully cute.


Ephram has been awfully cute lately, so definitely don't assume that the lack of photos means anything other than the fact that we've been busy enjoying the cuteness. In addition to playing our hearts out, building towers, turning lights on and off, we've also been READING BOOKS! (finally, he's showing interest again).  And not only do we read them, he pets every animal in the book.  The cutest thing I've ever seen.

And the word explosion I've been anticipating for months is also beginning.

'tick' for stick, 'ba' for zebra, 'didy' for kitty, 'pa' for puppy...

Though there have been some no so cute thing as well.  Banging his head on the stairs when mad, throwing temper tantrums nearly every time we have to change diapers or when he's told he cannot play with something.  But of course the good outweighs the bad, most of the time. ;)

18 months is fast approaching and I'm pretty sure my mind is having a tough time with it.  Last night I dreamed Ephram climbed out of his crib in the middle of the night and this is only indicative of my fear that he is growing up far too fast.