Big News!


So... I've been quiet on the blog (and twitter too) for most of December for one big reason. We're moving! Beau got a new job in Houston, Texas and we'll be heading down there the first week of January. Fast, I know. Moving away from our family and friends will be incredibly hard, and I know the moment we leave our driveway and begin our trek down I-35, I won't be able to hold back the tears. But it's a great opportunity for us for a number of reasons. One big one for me: Staying home with Ephram every day - and no. more. overnight shifts.

In an attempt to catch up on the month of December and what Ephram's been up to, here's a few photos of Ephram decorating the Christmas Tree. He's been quite obsessed with the 'pree ights' (pretty lights) all month and asks for 'more, more!' every time we drive by a lit up house around town. When arriving home each day, he insists on running into the yard and touching all of the Christmas lights we've had in the bushes and trees. Good thing it's been an unbelievably warm and snow-less December.

Also, you'll note the Halloween costume making an appearance. He asks to wear his puppy costume at least three times per week. I never expected to get so much use out of it, so I've gladly let him run around dressed as a puppy. I suppose it's the equivalent to having a daughter who loves princess dresses?

In case you're wondering, we decorated the tree like normal this year, but kept the bottom third of the tree more Ephram-proof by putting the felt ornaments here. Overall, he left the tree alone all month, but from time to time he'd take the felt ornaments off. I think I got these at Michael's a few years ago. Perfect for toddler hands.

*posting may be sporadic as we attempt to quickly pack our life up and head south. but I promise to share as much as I can once we get settled in*

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