Birthday Practice

These candles were not for Ephram (it can’t be March already), nor my mom (don’t ask me why she’s blowing them out). Instead, they were for my little sister, who in all honesty, is not that little anymore. She’s got 22 of these birthdays under her belt and added a 23rd today. So she was nice enough to share her candles with Ephram and show him what this whole birthday thing is all about.

Everyone knows, you need a little practice before your first birthday. Obviously, this was a good test run since he was much more fixated on staring those candles down and reaching out for them than blowing on them. But how is he supposed to know? He’s never celebrated a birthday before.

And of course, what’s a birthday celebration without some playing?

He’s all about pushing his cars and trucks and anything that resembles such an object, around the house. Is that just a boy thing, because it’s sure making me love having a little boy.

Thanks, Auntie Taryn, for sharing some wise birthday wisdom with your nephew. I think it’s obvious that he enjoyed it.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen