Blending It Up For Ephram

If you 're a frequent blog reader, twitter follower, or live in my house, you're well aware that I've become a little smoothie obsessed.  Nearly any day we have fresh fruit in the house, I make a smoothie.  And I've even started buying extra fruit and freezing it so it doesn't go bad by the end of the week, so that I have a stock of fruit for smoothies even when we haven't been the grocery store in a week. Ephram is a lover of smoothies as well.  But when it comes to eating solids, he's become very picky.  (Yes, I realize this is just payback for the many years I was a picky eater for my parents, but come on, I wasn't extremely picky until age 3 or so.)  I had noticed that Ephram ALWAYS ate the cherry chunks in his mixed fruit cans, so I recently decided to buy a jar of regular cherries for him. To my chagrin, they gave him horrible diaper rash. The worst diaper rash I've ever seen. He was screaming the hardest I've ever seen him scream as I wipe his butt that night. Poor guy...

Anyways, lunchtime didn't go well yesterday.  Not surprisingly.  The only thing he didn't shake his head to was bread.  Even the raspberries took some forced-feeding for him to remember they didn't taste horrible.  But even then he only ate a few on his own. And though he is a cheese lover, I have decided to only offer cheese if he eats the rest of his lunch. Otherwise, he eats the cheese and absolutely nothing else.

So after a two hour nap, he was hungry again.  So instead of reaching for the fish crackers or teddy grahams, I decided to take his lunch leftovers and make them into a smoothie.  Brilliant!

The recipe:

1/2 can of peas 1 fruit cup of peaches 1/2 cup of yogurt 4 large strawberries

It doesn't sound the best, but he absolutely loved it!  And then he asked to sit in my lap while he unknowingly enjoyed his lunch leftovers.

The smoothie trick might not work forever. It might not even work next week. But it works for now. And that's all that matters to me.