bye bye nuk


Parenting Lesson #482: You'll know the right time when it comes. Yes, I am a planner. I like to over think just about everything, including when we'd wean Ephram of his nuk. I think I decided 18 months. I know I'm not alone. I know some parents swear up and down that they won't even give their children pacifiers only to cave in when their bundle of joy is a couple days old. We weren't that bad, but I did set an age for when I thought Ephram should be done with his nuk, and sure enough, I didn't follow it.

Well last Thursday, we finally said good-bye to the Nuk. Though most days he was fine leaving it behind in the crib, every so often, it was leading to morning tantrums. So Beau and I made the decision that at 20 months of age, it was time to be done. We'd tried before around 5 months, and he just wasn't ready. Or maybe we weren't. Either way, this time went so much smoother.

Thursday night: At bedtime, we went about our normal routine with the exception of me pulling the crib away from the wall to find the inevitable dropped nuk from the night before. Since I didn't perform this step, Ephram did - but there was no nuk to be found. He carried on, reading a story, rocking in the chair and laid down in his crib without a peep. But when the door closed, we endured 1 hour + maybe 20 minutes of crying (though we did go in and comfort him a couple of times). Friday nap: He still had his nuk at daycare. Friday night through Sunday's afternoon nap: We repeated what we did on Thursday night with slightly less crying each night.

It seemed to be getting better but I wasn't even prepared for Sunday night.

Sunday night: Not a peep! Seriously, nothing. I was shocked. Monday nap: About 10 minutes of crying. Monday night: Slept immediately. Tuesday nap: Nothing. Tuesday night: Nothing! Wednesday nap: Went back to daycare. No nuk. She said he went down perfectly!

I think it's safe to say we're done. With the nuk. So while prior to becoming a parent, I thought I had a plan for weaning Ephram from the nuk, I guess it's about time I learned that not everything needs a plan.

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