I received an email from my mom last night requesting new pictures of her grandson. So I'm here to oblige.

It seems that working 32 hours over the weekend (again) + 3 overnight shifts + having more of my free time line up with Beau being home + an busy/walking/trouble-making Ephram = a lot less blogging.

It's really not a bad thing really. It means more dinners as a family and spending afternoons playing on the driveway and evenings watching tv with my husband. All of which haven't happened much in the past year (or really ever since we entered the working world and left college) due to our odd meteorologist work schedules. Now that Beau has a normal job, it's all returned, and it's so great!

I promise that I have a few posts in mind I'd like to share in the next week, but for now, I'll leave you with a few recent photos I've captured during this period of less blogging and more living.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen