Despite all the change we endured this week, it was a great one. I finally got a break from overnight shifts and spent the first three days of the week at home with Ephram. Then Thursday came and both Beau and I needed to be at work, at the same time, for the first time in over 13 months. No more opposite shifts! Which meant Ephram had his first two days at the new daycare. It was such a relief when we found a daycare that could A) work with my crazy/different/rotating schedule and B) was awesome at taking care of kids. But it got even better. Everyday we receive a report of how he ate and slept and played. After being able to email and ask Beau how he was doing any time I was at work for the first year of Ephram's life, this has made the transition to daycare so much easier, for me, especially. There was a bit of crying both mornings (by Ephram, not me, I swear), but once he's shown the toys (cars, in particular), he seems to settle down quick. I love my boy.

And to top the week off, temperatures rose above 60 degrees for the first time this year. Naturally, we spent a bit of time outside. Tuesday was a walk, Wednesday was a trip to the park, and Thursday we just played in the driveway at home. All were wonderful, and very new experiences for Ephram since he doesn't remember much of last summer probably.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen