Little Eye Lashes

Some recent tidbits of life I don't want to forget: - The way Ephram wakes up and says, "daDA! daDA! DADA!" every morning these days. Kind of nice after months and months of "mamamammaamamamama."

- Beau wanted to snuggle with a tired and crabby Ephram one evening last week. Beau asked Ephram to come over and sit with him in the rocking chair. Ephram stared at him for the longest time trying to figure out what he was asking of him. Finally, he started shaking his head. No. It was the first time he had shaken his head in response to something other than food, so, naturally, we started laughing at the adorableness.

- The mornings when Ephram stays home with me in the morning, we wave goodbye to daddy. But earlier this week, Ephram started waving at him the moment he saw Beau put on his dress shirt for work. He knew he was leaving. But in true Ephram fashion, he then cried as Beau put his shoes on in the entryway and said goodbye. Then after the door shut, Ephram stopped crying to wave and "say" goodbye.

- When these guys play, I can't help but smile. I could watch them all day long.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen