Ephram-isms: Coloring, Cooking, Seeing

Over the course of the weekend, I think Ephram surprised us with about 10 new words. I think it's safe to say the real word explosion has begun - and I'm loving it.

Ephram, would you like more milk? "Yea" (followed by a sign for please). Ephram has known "No" for quite awhile, but yes just came in the last few weeks.

Pointing the cupboard and saying,"sna?" (snack)

I walked downstairs while Ephram and Beau were eating in the dining room. Beau swears Ephram said, "where is she?"

After pulling out his Elmo notepad from the toy drawer he said, "coar?" (color)

He spotted a sucker in my latest WHCC shipment, "boon!" (he thought that it was a balloon - and I guess that makes sense when you've never felt what a balloon really feels like)

Christmas decorations. They are probably his favorite thing right now. He wants to "see?" them all the time. When we pass them while driving he wants "more?" and he describes them often as "peee!" (pretty!). Oh, and lights is pronounced "ights" in this toddler's tiny world. And he will grab our hands often and drag us from the living room to his room and back to see each Christmas tree we have up and expressing his delight in seeing them with a "Woah!!" each time.

"Cookie?" (cooking) is still a strong favorite as well. Just last night while I made a cheesecake, he pulled out 4 different pots and pan and brought them one by one to the living room coffee table, stirring each with a spoon.

A few other new words: Cacker (cracker), Uh (up), Ah (on/off), Fan (though the n is mostly silent ), Fishy (the fish in the fish tank downstairs - and the snake he saw on the tv) and Bego (we're not even sure - any ideas?)

edited to add: "Tank oo" (Thank you)!! I wasn't sure he was really saying it this weekend but he definitely spoke those sweet words each time I filled his snack cup today.

This vocal communication, using real words, is quite wonderful.

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