Forget the ruler...

…we needed a yardstick to measure this snowfall. Though with all the blowing and drifting, it would have been fairly tough to get a real accurate measurement of the snow. I’m guessing around 15 inches at least (see all the reports here) for Northfield. Last night, I couldn’t even tell the difference in snow depth between our un-plowed street and the yard. It was that bad. Since the snow stopped by the time Beau got off work last night, he decided to try to make it home. Well, the drive home wasn’t all that bad until he got to our street. After attempting to snow surf with the car and failing, we ended up shoveling a spot in his brother’s driveway (which is luckily just down a block away). We walked home with shovels in hand after that. Oh, the things you do in a snow storm.

This morning, we waited for the plows to finally clear our road (nearly 12 hours after the snow had stopped) and then dug ourselves out. And finally brought the car home. After shoveling the driveway by hand for 2 Winters, we finally broke down and bought a snowblower, and I think we chose the right year to do so!

EphramDonya Gjerdingen