That Gorgeous Kitchen Light


It started with a promise that I'd put an effort into learning to cook if Beau ever got a 8-5 job. Which lead to a new obsession with the show Master Chef, and is probably the reason I found myself in the kitchen, awake after an overnight shift with Ephram, baking tomatoes at 10:00 in the morning. Ever since we turned into one of those normal families who use daycare, I rarely have to put myself through much sleep deprivation, but this day was an exception since we'd maxed out our part-time daycare hours that week. So E and I went for a walk, bought coffee, played at the park, rolled in the damp grass, walked some more, then came home to cook. Because really, how else was I going to stay awake? And more importantly, how has it taken me 3.5 years to realize how gorgeous the light is in our kitchen?!  -sorry, I was tired.

Okay, back to the 'cooking to keep from falling asleep on the couch and letting Ephram tear the house apart without supervision'. These turned out beautiful.  Unfortunately, Ephram wouldn't even try them, and they didn't satisfy my tastebuds much either.  But look at the plating!  Yep, there's that obsession with Master Chef I was telling you about.

And here's the little man having his "other" breakfast.  I guess blueberries and cereal and a banana looked more appealing than a well plated baked parmesan tomato... Ya, I can't blame you buddy. We'll try a different recipe next time.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen