Hello From Texas!


Aaah...we've finally got internet! It's been a strange 2 weeks without being connected to the blog. I've been able to send emails, check twitter/facebook, and browse a few websites via a very slow internet connection on my iphone, but not much more than that. But we're here in Texas now, west of Houston in a small (but growing) suburb. We have yet to recieve our furniture and boxes thanks for a wonderful moving company. (And by wonderful, I mean horribly awful...) And we have only had one English channel over the air - ABC - until today. So it's been an interesting adjustment to life in Texas, but at least it should only get better from here, right?

One thing I can't say anything bad about yet is the weather. Ephram got sick the first week which meant we couldn't go much of anywhere. This second week, Beau and I have been sick, so we still haven't ventured out and met any new people (other than those Beau had met at work). But we're getting by, doing puzzles, reading books, and even beginning potty training.

Without our furniture, our new apartment is rather empty (as you can see below). We have little to no cookware, two deck chairs make up our living room, we sleep on an air mattress, and we have only a few toys for Ephram (really that's probably all he needs). Just yesterday he discovered two clothing hangers in his closet and made a 'plane' out of them. No coaxing from me, he honestly did it all by himself!

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