I Hope It Gets Stuck In His Memories


Remember this moment: When I think back on my own childhood, I can specifically remember one morning, one summer, when I woke up and put on my favorite dress (actually I had two; one purple, one pink).  My sister, my mom and I sat out on the deck in the sun.  It's a blurry memory in my head, and through the fuzziness all I can remember is that my mom was laying in a lawn chair tanning and my sister and I had our dolls out there as well.  I can, however, remember the feeling.  We had no plans (or none that my 9 year old mind was aware of), no where to be, nowhere to go, just the three of us relaxing and playing on the deck. Why is it this single morning that sticks out in my head so much?

I wonder which moments will get trapped in Ephram's memories for years to come.  I have no control over which ones do, but I hope it's ones like these.  On this morning, Beau was searching online for one of the last discounted HP Touchpads and I had just gotten back from a morning run.  We had no plans really, just to enjoy the day.  Ephram pushed his stroller around the basement (an everyday occurrence) while walking in my slippers.  There was nothing special about the day, except the fact that us three were together; no plans.  But I hope the feeling of love and contentment made its way into Ephram's head and stays in his memories for years to come.