I Might Forget

Though it doesn't appear we are in for anymore snow this month, and spring may truly be on it's way back, I feel a need to blog/record/document the fact that we've gotten hit by snow twice in the last week.

Some aren't happy about it, and I'll admit I'd much rather be taking walks with Ephram and Beau on sunny evenings while wearing flip flops and smelling the delightful smell of lilacs, I wasn't too sad about a few inches of snow. For me, it brings the magical feeling of the first snowfall of the season, but it's better than that. Instead of fear of a cold and awful Winter ahead, we are instead gearing up for Summer. You can't get too upset about a combo that includes magical moments and excitement ahead. Nope, you can't.

This was the first of the April snowfalls, Beau created a time lapse of the snow melting on our front lawn. Can you believe this was made solely with his iPhone?

EphramDonya Gjerdingen