In case you were wondering...

Life has kept us busy this week and I wasn't able to put together a Thursday Photo Thoughts post. But stay tuned next week, for sure.To keep you up to speed on our ever changing lives, here's just a few of the highlights:

* Ephram learned to say 'ball' and he says it over and over and over.  It makes me smile every time.

* He also has a bit of a runny nose and has decided he'd no longer enjoys food. But give him something to drink and he's a happy boy.

* The runny/stuff nose he's got kept everyone in the house awake until around 2am last night.

* I stumbled upon our Rocket blender (given to us as a wedding gift three years ago) that I had forgotten about until yesterday.

* In the past 24 hours I've already made two smoothies and plan to make another when I finish this post.

* Luckily, Ephram loves smoothies because you drink them.

* Beau got a new job!  It's with the same company, just a new department.  As a result, he's now working Monday-Friday.

* This is the most normalcy we've had in our work schedules since we've been together.  But it also means I'm now searching for daycare for Ephram.

* We went storm chasing in Iowa on Tuesday. We saw a tornado. Full chase log here.

* Spring showed her face last week, but then she left and it snowed yesterday. I'm boycotting the outdoors until she returns again.


EphramDonya Gjerdingen