in training

Ephram and I had some company this week when Jody and little Hannah came over to discuss cameras. Jody’s thinking about diving into the world of DSLRs and what better way to get the feel of a DSLR in your hand than to actually take a few pictures with one? So I shared my Nikon and taught her just a few quick tips on exposure and manual shooting. Though, I have to admit, I know I’m not the best at teaching, Jody captured this sweet picture of Hannah right off the bat!

Following my example, Ephram decided to share his camera with Hannah.

Like mother, like daughter. Hannah was just as quick as Jody at figuring out new cameras. I think we’ve got a little one in training here!

Then Hannah showed off her best photo smile.

Haha, well it sure was fun to have some company on yet another snow-globe-minnesota-winter day.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen