It happened.

I’ve lost Ephram. I’ve lost my son. He was sitting in the living room, stacking cups one minute, and the next he was gone. If you happen to see him, please let him know that a very sad mama is now picking up all his toys and will consider giving them away if he doesn’t come back soon.

Though I suppose I’ll wait on the garage sale since I hear some giggles coming from over by the stairs.

*by the way, sort of cringing posting these pictures of the banister. I hate that dark wood. But it shows exactly why I am chomping at the bit to paint it white soon. And the extra, lighter beam of wood is only there because without it, it would be impossible to put a baby gate up. Thank you, wonderful architect from the 80′s who apparently never thought babies would live in this home.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen