Menu Monday




Last week, we didn't do much (or any) dinner planning. I worked a majority of the evenings, and we had plenty of freezer dinners (packaged) to use up without even needing to grocery shop much. So it worked out well. This week, I didn't spend much time planning before getting our groceries for the week (done at 11pm last night after I worked), so I grabbed some ingredients that sounded good and am hoping it works out to make the recipes below.

Monday: I think Beau is thawing some burgers. I'm thinking of trying out a salmon patty since I'm not a huge fan of hamburgers. Probably paired with some grilled asparagus. Yum!

Tuesday: Chicken & Broccoli Stir Fry Mostly, I just wanted to work in some of the broccoli I bought, and will be trying out whole grain linguine for the firs time.

Wednesday: Corn & Broccoli Calzones Another recipe I discovered that uses up some of the broccoli I bought, and corn. Beau loves corn.

Thursday: Either pizza night, or grilled chicken. Not sure yet.

Friday: Bleh... I work. Dinner will be left to Beau and Ephram.