Menu Plan Monday




For the first 25 years of my life, I wasn't all too interested in cooking. It's still not my favorite thing in the world, but now that we have created a little family of three, I've become somewhat motivated to create a (semi) healthy meal plan each week. Another motivating factor? We buy less random groceries and stick to a list of items we'll need for that week's meals. The process isn't perfect yet, and I'm still working a few evening shifts here and there (though that will come to an end in July), but it's getting there.

So, in an effort to stick to the plan, I hope to post it here on Ephram's blog.

Monday: Well, unfortunately, I worked an evening shift today. So it was a Beau and Ephram dinner. No idea what they made.

Tuesday: Chipotle Pepper Chicken and Veggies // Beau requested something on the grill and Wednesday looks rainy, so Tuesday it is!

Wednesday: Twice Baked Salmon Potatoes // Crossing my fingers my potatoes aren't too old. If they are, I'll have to improvise. I've had this recipe in my head for a few weeks now and for some reason I never do it.

Thursday: Working another evening shift...

Friday: Beau and Ephram will be heading up to the cabin for the weekend without me. So I'm planning on making something yummy for myself, but have no idea what.

Next week I'll be home for dinner every night! Hoping to find a good shish-kabob recipe. Do you have one?