Menu Plan Monday (or Tuesday)




I can already feel the busy-ness of this week; laundry from the boys being at the cabin this past weekend, friends visiting, packing for another weekend at the cabin, all within just three days.

Monday: Sadly, we had McDonald's last night. We were headed back from getting groceries, starving, and add in the fact that it was hot and humid, the last thing we wanted to do was turn on the stove or oven and cook something that wouldn't be ready for awhile. That's probably the first time I've had McDonalds in over two or three months though, so I'm not punishing myself too much for that.

Tuesday: Pasta with Ricotta, Herbs and Lemon Something simple but good. Crossing my fingers that a Beau doesn't hate it (since it doesn't contain any meat).

Wednesday: Chicken-Vegetable Kabobs Yum. Tasha tried this last week and said it was pretty good. Beau will eat the mushrooms, I'll eat the peppers and tomatoes, and Ephram... well, I'll cross my fingers that Ephram will at least eat the chicken.

Thursday: Chicken Basil Stir Fry This has turned into one of our favorite meals lately. I think I've made it once a week for the past month or so. But it's so delicious.

Friday: Headed to the cabin (all three of us this time)! Crossing my fingers we can make it to a fish fry.