not gonna lie

The end of 2010 was sort of a blur to me. Between gathering gifts, getting sick, 5 different Christmas celebrations in 4 days, a 9 month old experiencing that first Christmas (or 5), then having my husband work overnights, and then working 5 overnights myself – this all made the latter half of December go by so fast that I barely had a chance to reflect on the year and prepare for a New Year. I never expected a ‘First Christmas’ to be so exhausting. I guess I should have, but I figured it would be fun for him. And it was, but I’m not gonna lie, it was 4 days strung together where he only got one good nap, he stayed up late, he was shown about a million new toys, and many new people he doesn’t see on a regular basis. I had hoped for some wonderful Christmas photos to document all the fun, but a clingy 9 month old doesn’t really allow for such things, and I ended up with only a handful of photos. Sort of disappointed.

So here are just a few that I like from one of our many Christmas celebrations. There was so much going on this night. Most of the bigger kids played downstairs until present opening time, so I’ve mostly got photos of Ephram and his cousin, Zach.

But 2011 is here, and I’m ready to get back to a normal schedule. No holidays, for awhile. Just everyday stuff. We already took the tree down, days ago. And I’ll probably begin putting the rest of the decorations away this week. Ephram’s got about a billion new toys to play with.

Despite the haze of December 2010, I did keep up on my One Frame A Day fairly well and anticipate really sticking with it this year. Nothing special, just everyday pictures of our lives. I hope that makes it easy enough to succeed.

Hope your 2011 is wonderful and peaceful and everything you are hoping for!

EphramDonya Gjerdingen