Oh, Hi People.


Last weekend was Defeat of Jesse James Days in our town. A little festival that lasts from Thursday through Sunday to celebrate the capturing of Jesse James long ago. It's not really our thing, what with the crowds of people and stuff, but we headed down on Townie night to grab our fill of mini-donuts and cheese curds. And of course, then we headed to our favorite coffee spot for a yummy drink and to sit a little bit away from the crowds of people. Ephram is really into waving at people these days, saying 'Hi' or 'Bye' as the case may be. Ephram also really likes our frozen coffee drinks. We didn't just give him this one, he took it from Beau's hands when Beau thought it was me grabbing it, not Ephram. But then he was just too adorable with it to take it away.

Luckily, he still slept like a baby (or better yet, unlike a baby) the whole night, despite the caffeine.

You little stinker, I sure love you.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen